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How did you spread the word?  Did you inform your colleagues, friends or classmates by announcing that we have the best bagels in Shanghai?  Did you write a review, host a bagel party,  hawk our bagels, pass out flyers or yell at the top of your lungs “I love Spread the Bagel” in the middle of People Square? Or did you simply email a friend about our delicious, mouth-watering bagels?  However you did it, write a comment and let me know!  Get the word out and you can have yourself a dozen of the best bagels in Shanghai!

1 lucky winner every week.  The most interesting, funny, and/or effective way to get the word out there about Spread the Bagel will receive a dozen bagels on the house!  SPREAD THE WORD!

Yours truly,

The Bagel Girl


17 Responses

  1. Well, I tried to contribute to spread the word by writing a recommendation on the Shanghai Mamas forum, a group of 1,500 plus expat mothers. I hope it made a difference! I also emailed the Spread the Bagel website address to other friends in Shanghai. I love these bagels and I think the service is excellent! Let’s all support Spread the Bagel!

  2. Did you know that you’re not listed on smartshanghai.com??? I was SHOCKED! So, I made it my mission this AM to get your website on there, starting with writing that the editors take a minute to add you on there and then to order a dozen. Thereafter, I will be writing an obviously rave review as I have already on cityweekend and via email to my friends.

    Thank you so so much for making such delicious bagels! I can’t stop thinking about them!!!!

    • Hi Weiwei!
      Thank you for the diehard effort in spreading the word!! =] It was a pleasure to have a chat with you last Saturday! I’m glad you love the bagels, and helping spread the word in the process. You got a free dozen coming your way this Saturday morning!!
      Have a good week =]

  3. I tried yelling while in People’s square but with the cold weather my voice gave out and now I have no voice at all, which is bad for me as a teacher, but good because I lost it for a good cause, the love of bagels:)
    I spread the word simply by emailing my contact list of friends whom I knew have been craving awesome bagels and of course also by letting all the parents know, because every child loves bagels:).

  4. My facebook posting today: 8 years on…..I can finally buy real bagels in Shanghai!!! And, in true Shanghai fashion, delivered fresh to my door! The are amazing!!!!! http://spreadthebagel.com/

  5. The most effective way I found to “spread the word” is to “put out a spread” of your bagels and let people taste them and then watch as the interest “spreads like wildfire.”

    I had some high school students testing Saturday morning and ordered an wide assortment of bagels delivered to the school for them to snack on at the break. All but three bagels were consumed (and I made sure I got to take those home with me!). The students were asking where they could get “those great bagels,” so before we reconvened for our test, I announced the website and encouraged all of them to log-in and order. The students were amazed that they could get some good, fresh bagels in Shanghai.

    Your bagels are like the common cold — the more you come in contact with it, the more it spreads!

  6. Just sent the following email to most of the staff at my school!!!
    OH MY GOODNESS!! I am going to have to have another bagel for lunch and MAYBE Bagel Pizza for dinner!! THANK YOU!

    Delete if you don’t like mouth watering, REAL New York Bagels!!!

    OH MY GOODNESS!!!!! My mouth is still watering!!! I got a delivery this morning and I can’t believe that we can FINALLY get GREAT bagels in Shanghai!!!

    I think there is more than 12 different varieties AND different flavors of cream cheese. To top it all off………… THEY WERE STILL WARM when they arrived.

    You have GOT to try them.

    Christine’s mobile number: 139-1895-0793
    Order before 5pm for delivery the following morning

    Christine said she is running a special with free delivery to Jinqiao on Fridays. She said she has also delivered to the Links before. 🙂

    I paid the delivery fee to get delivery today(30rmb) because I couldn’t wait til next Friday!! SOOOOO worth it!

    Happy Bagel eating!!!!

    Don’t forget to spread the word!!!

  7. i just posted on facebook that i ordered from spread the bagel!!!!!


    Status: I, too, ordered from that awesome http://spreadthebagel.com/ for some awesome bagels.

  8. Published our amazing interview, so that all Germans travelling to Shanghai will storm the Pantry and indulge…
    Also readable on Facebook, Chinatours spread the Bagel on their Wall as well… You re famous!! And I want Bagels!! ;-)))

  9. Hey,Christine~i’m so sorry it takes such a long time for you to reply since i ordered your bagels ~it’s so amazing! just the same taste as i was a little girl ,my mom ever baked me some bread like this ~
    thank you soooooo much for your work~
    i phoned my mom ,and mom was happy ,and said your job was a “sweet work “甜蜜的事业~
    because of this wonderful recalling~i shared my bagels with my colleague~they all love it ! and said it taste so healthy~
    also ,i have told all my friends at renren website~
    thanks again and wish you a nice week!

  10. it is really plain and simple ~that’s the reason i love it !
    coz you can almost mix it up with anything!
    that’s fantastic!
    always ,i love the feeling of trying and don’t know what is going to happen ~
    and food~are always most important to me ~
    my curiosity and immagination+ your bagel = perfect!

  11. Your bagels were the perfect food for our Break the Fast after Yom Kippur this year (and last year too). 30+ hungry people gobbled up Spread the Bagel bagels so fast that we ran out right away. Afterwards, everyone was asking me where I got them. And I told them all. Spread the Bagel.

  12. I just wrote on my blog with 1000 readers each month about your lovely bagels! We have ordered several times and always get great super and good bagels so Thank You! http://www.riseandchina.com/?p=397

  13. Our office is filled with peeps who love bagels! Since we all work full-time, it’s quite difficult to enjoy a nice breakfast, plus there hasn’t been many choices in town. But things changed once I found Spread the Bagel! I tried the bagel at The Pantry and then started encouraging my colleagues to try, then one by one, everybody got hooked! Now we all check in regularly at The Pantry for some delicious bagels! Thanks Bagel Girl for giving us full-time workers a new and awesome choice for breakfast 🙂

  14. Have served up Spread the Bagels at 2 different play groups now…they are a hit!! Even my East Coast American friends give them the thumbs up (I’m from Seattle, so apparently my bagel expertise is compromised). And my British friend said that your cream cheese reminds her–in a very good way–of that English decadence, clotted cream.

    I have of course directed them to your website. Thanks for putting out such a great product.

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