Where on Earth is My Bagel?

Mmm. Bagels. Yum. For those of you far from NYC with an incessant bagel craving and are thinking where on earth is my bagel?…So is Yum Yung, a young boy in Korea.

“Where on Earth is My Bagel” is a delicious tale of a young boy, Yum Yung, who awakes from an afternoon nap one day and exclaims “I want a bagel!”  Taking place in a small village in Korea, New York bagels are a bit scarce, to say the least. This does not stop Yum yung. He ties a note to a pigeon and sends it to New York for an order of one bagel to-go. When the pigeon doesn’t return, Yum Yung decides to search for it. He asks many a different trade if they happened to get the order by mistake.  Yum Yung encounters a fisherman, a bee-keeper and a baker, unfortunately, no bagels.  Finally, when his dream of eating a bagel was starting to grow distant, the pigeon returns with a bagel recipe (along with a note that explains that bagels over a day old aren’t edible).  The boy goes back to the fisherman, bee-keeper and baker for the wheat, honey, and salt called for in the recipe.  At the end of the story, Yum Yung and the whole cast create and share a huge, delicious bagel.  Alas, a yummy bagel for Yum!


"Where on Earth is My Bagel" by Francis and Ginger Park


This is probably one of the most bizarre, yet unimaginably creative children’s story (or any other story for that matter!).  So cute!! The story is so deliciously detailed that it could possibly even convert the most loyal of donut…or baozi lovers!

If you’re in Shanghai and you find yourself asking, “where on earth is my bagel?” …At least you know you it won’t take as much determination as Yum Yung!


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