Glamour to glory (a feat in itself)

I always thought there was glamour in a baker’s kitchen. The endless possibilities of fresh baked goodness, magical wonders of flour and yeast, homey and fragrant concoctions of cinnamon, raisins, maple, and chocolate drifting from the oven, and alas, praise for the yummy creations! That illusion was shorter lived than a one-hit wonder hitting the mainstream. Indulging myself in the art of bagel making provoked a sudden realization of the painstaking challenges that are hidden behind the most glamorous of facades. Just think Project Runway (in the kitchen!). More often than not, I would find myself covered in a gooey consistency of flour with too much water, and bagels packed with craters on the surface.  In hindsight, I don’t think I’ve ever experienced anything as messy, frustrating, tedious and demanding of an endeavor than baking bagels. But like a soldier in his first weeks of duty, it was just the beginning. Now, after all these months of baking literally night and day, and swimming in 50 lbs of flour on a delusional night, the once strenuous endeavor of bagel baking has turned into one of my most beloved and sacred pastimes. And not to forget, the fabulous taste and appearance of the bagel itself! It’s been a long, but well worth it journey indeed.


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