The bagels are ready!

So after months of painstaking changes to our bagel recipe, we are excited to announce that it is ready to be rolled out to the public!

Wait. But where are these bagels coming from you ask?

Well currently we are a home operation churning out a few dozen bagels at a time (somewhere in Jingan). We are suckers for homemade goods so we’ve become quite adept at making these handrolled bagels.  We also like to source our ingredients from far and wide (yes imports are indeed better). Our flour comes from HK; we get our cream cheese from Australia; our yeast is from Germany; the raisins are from sunny California; and the salt we use is kosher. They say in NY that it is the water that makes the bagels so good.  Well I’d say that Shanghai NongFu spring water would have that beat (tap water unfortunately gives the bagels a funny chlorine smell/taste).

How much are you charging for these bagels if you are buying all these imported ingredients?

Our bagels range from 6 to 8 rmb. Cream cheese is extra at 5 rmb per generous serving. Not bad I’d say! The New Yorker in me demands the highest quality so we don’t skimp on the ingredients. But thankfully the Shanghainess in me also loves to bargain aggressively so we are able to keep costs under control.

Uh can I have some bagels already?

Unfortunately our capacity is quite limited at this point. We currently only deliver in the Jingan and Xujiahui areas 3 days a week. If you want to place an order, just send a request to and we will do our best to meet your demand.


One Response

  1. Do you girls deliver to sunny California?! haha

    I also find myself craving the delicious NYC bagels. Californian bagels just don’t do justice…

    Best of luck! And I can’t wait ’til I try your bagels!

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